Friday, February 1, 2013

Facts. {Cowboy boots don't have traction...}

Some of you reading this may know me IRL or have followed me thru my blog hopping days. {Which I hope this little piece of internet real estate is where I stay}... and then some of you may have just jumped on the Nora & Jac train. THANK YOU!

And for you lovelies... I'll let you in on a few secrets facts about me.

I work as an assistant photographer at Amy Clark Studios. Which I love. I have learned so much and love being able to feed my creativity everyday. 

My hair is SO blonde here! Clearly this is old! #rootsgalore

I am a bottled water snob. I refuse to drink "spring water." It has to be purified. There's a HUGE difference in taste - to me anyhow. 

I went to Bowling Green State University and majored in Fashion and Marketing. To this day {7 years since graduation}, fashion continues to be a passion of mine - which is why I'm so grateful to be in such a creative field.

I'm not a morning person. I'd prefer no one speak to me until about 10am. 

I always, always, always have my nails painted. Always. There are no exceptions. I probably own over 100 bottles of nail polish and am constantly in need of more. 

Cowboy boots. I love them. I'd wear them everyday if I could. {I can't because sometimes it snows in Ohio and those babies have NO traction and I'd bite it. I know this from experience. OUCH!}

OH! Last night on Instagram {are you following me? you should! well... if you want ;)} I mentioned having a "Brrr, it's cold, I can't believe it's February, but HEY it's the weekend!" sale... and guess what!?! I am... Head on over to Nora & Jac and enter code WEEKEND at checkout to receive 20% off cowls! Good thru the weekend....

Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend and don't freeze your little bums off!!!

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