Thursday, August 8, 2013

Always be a little kinder...


I'll save you all the apologies for my week long absence again...

But, this quote. It needs to be shared. It's so very simple but often overlooked. I don't take pride in it, but I used to be the girl who wasn't a little kinder than necessary. I didn't care. Felt I was entitled or that I could get or achieve more by being bitchy or bossy. I was wrong, oh, was I wrong. 

Life is a funny thing when you take a step back from yourself. When you begin to see things with the shoe on the other foot, when you - dare I say it - begin to grow up. You realize that life would be so much easier, so much more enjoyable if you just smiled a little more. Said thank you more often. Let go of the stuff that weighs you down and just took a deep breath. 

It's so very easy to forget to do those things. So very easy. But everyday I realize more and more how much they need to happen. The person you pass while running - instead of scowling because they're in your way - smile. Maybe they need that today. The person juggling bags and boxes when leaving the store - offer to help them. Maybe that'll restore their hope in kind people. That friend that is wound tightly over their life events - listen and remind them to breathe. They are the simple things - but so many times, we fail to do them. God knows I do. 

But sometimes we have to slow down and enjoy it all - be grateful for the good things and let go of the ugly. 

I don't know why this quote struck me as it did today. But I think it's such a good reminder to us all... we don't know what one another are facing on the other side. Smiles will always get us further than scowls. And a "Thank You" can move mountains. 

Happy Thursday, sweet peas! {Let's be real - I'll probably see you again in a week ;)}

Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's been a minute...

So... it's been a minute.

Sometimes life happens and takes over your time. And that's the only thing I have to blame my absence on. Life. I don't know where June went. But July was full of family reunions, vacationing, and working 24/7... between work at the studio then work on Nora & Jac events.

Life happened.

But I'm not complaining... it's been a pretty nice summer and I cannot believe it's August already! Where does the time go???

What have I been up to, you ask? {Okay, so maybe you didn't ask... but I'm gonna tell ya!}

I started P90x in June and am now into my second phase of it. I really enjoy doing it - I'm not as regimented with it as I should be, probably - but I'm getting it done and when I'm having a day that I'm not feeling it - I try to get a run in. I've been really trying to make workouts part of my daily routine. I feel good when I do and I actually enjoy them. I feel like I've learned to not expect to see results after one day, that if I miss a day - it's okay, and stay focused and workout for myself. Those were important things I needed to get thru my thick skull.

In June, a HS friend of mine contacted me and wanted me to have my Nora & Jac products in her new local goods store in Lancaster {The Blank Slate}. I was thrilled! So I worked up a display and a lot of headbands, bracelets, and scarves and set up shop! Since then I've heard such great things about the response to my items. Which is exciting... baby steps y'all. Baby steps.

Last week we had a handmade affair at a local wine shop, Camelot Cellars - where a few of my crafty friends and I brought our goods to sell. We got to mingle, drink wine, and have a nice night of supporting local.

Two weeks ago I was laying on the beach of North Carolina... oh, how I miss it. It's one of those places that just feel like home to me. It's a simple life there. We had such a wonderful family vacation there. But I'm sure I'll talk MUCH more about that later. ;)

This week I'm getting ready for our Handmade Hop here at the studio. The first Saturday of every month the Short North holds a Gallery Hop where all the shops, resturants, bars, and studios stay open late for people to come enjoy. We decided to host a craft show of sorts during it this month. So me, along with 7 other insanely talented ladies are setting up shop! I'm debuting a few new headband collections and scarves. I'm really looking forward to it... we have such a strong support system here of handmade designers and the like.

And today begins the Clean Eating Challenge over at Get Fit with Nikki. I'm realllllly looking forward to this challenge. I need to get my eating back to a good spot. I've done a lot of reading up on clean eating information and recipes and I think this is beyond doable. It's not a diet at all, it's a way of life. I think this in conjunction with p90x and running... I'll finally get to see what I'm wanting to. But again, I've finally realized that it does take time. And effort. And focus... mainly focus.

Tropical Quinoa, Chicken Lettuce Wraps. Amaazzzingggg!

Whew... so... that's what I've been up to. What have I missed while I've been away??? I'll be honest, I have barely even read any blogs either. Ugh.

Thanks for sticking around! ;)

Happy Thursday, lovers!