Thursday, August 8, 2013

Always be a little kinder...


I'll save you all the apologies for my week long absence again...

But, this quote. It needs to be shared. It's so very simple but often overlooked. I don't take pride in it, but I used to be the girl who wasn't a little kinder than necessary. I didn't care. Felt I was entitled or that I could get or achieve more by being bitchy or bossy. I was wrong, oh, was I wrong. 

Life is a funny thing when you take a step back from yourself. When you begin to see things with the shoe on the other foot, when you - dare I say it - begin to grow up. You realize that life would be so much easier, so much more enjoyable if you just smiled a little more. Said thank you more often. Let go of the stuff that weighs you down and just took a deep breath. 

It's so very easy to forget to do those things. So very easy. But everyday I realize more and more how much they need to happen. The person you pass while running - instead of scowling because they're in your way - smile. Maybe they need that today. The person juggling bags and boxes when leaving the store - offer to help them. Maybe that'll restore their hope in kind people. That friend that is wound tightly over their life events - listen and remind them to breathe. They are the simple things - but so many times, we fail to do them. God knows I do. 

But sometimes we have to slow down and enjoy it all - be grateful for the good things and let go of the ugly. 

I don't know why this quote struck me as it did today. But I think it's such a good reminder to us all... we don't know what one another are facing on the other side. Smiles will always get us further than scowls. And a "Thank You" can move mountains. 

Happy Thursday, sweet peas! {Let's be real - I'll probably see you again in a week ;)}

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