Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Sunday Currently...

Reading //  Beautiful Creatures. My roomie read this book a little while ago - and kept raving about it. Then I saw the previews for the movie and thought hmmm... that could be interesting. So, after searching for what seems like forever - I've finally found myself a book I'm loving. {And no, I probably won't see the movie - I'm weird like that.}
Writing //  This post... does that count?? I should be writing a letter to my dear friend Jackie - we are pen pals but I have completely dropped the ball lately. #shameonme
Listening to //  The Wedding Planner... and now The Lion King is on. Am I too old to watch this by myself??
Smelling //  Italian food. I made some pasta for dinner. And the smell is still lingering. And it's kinda mixed with the Vanilla candle I have burning... interesting smell. 
Wishing //  That I could get my ass to the gym, I just can't find the motivation. Ugh. It's so frustrating. 
Wearing //  Yoga pants and a tshirt. I've been cleaning/organzing/purging my closet {aka room} all afternoon. However, I was dressed decent to go out for lunch... so that counts, right?
Please excuse my apparently dirty mirror and pile of laundry behind me. 
Loving //  Floral. Which isn't all that out of the ordinary but it's everywhere right now and I love it! I found some cute things at Kohl's this weekend on clearance and it was all pretty florals. And mint. I'm loving it. 
Feeling //  Accomplished. My closet and room has seriously needed a massive cleaning. And it's nice to remember what clothes I have...

Now... watching a little bit of the Oscars - I really just like to see what everyone's wearing. So far... The Jen's {Aniston and Garner} looked stunning. 

Happy Sunday night, loves!

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Katrin said...

hello there! i am visiting from the blog hop and i love the design of your blog! so cute! i can't find any motivation to work out at the moment either, it is so bad!

raechelmary said...

Hi Jac! I'm a new follower from the GFC Collective! I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts and getting to know you! :)

xo Raechel

Heather Marie said...

so glad that you did this post, made me do my own currently link up!

siddathornton said...

hey lady! :) so glad to have you linking up this week - it makes my day!

i read beautiful creatures not too long ago. i like it, but i thought it started off pretty slowly [but then again, lots of books do]. i haven't seen the movie yet, because i've heard that it wasn't good & didn't follow the book. i may wait & redbox it once it comes out in that capacity.

your outfit is really cute - & i like the pile of clothes you photographed, too. i think we have similar styles ;)

hope you have a great week!