Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Letters...


Dear Ohio - that little ice storm? Yea, not so cool. I think winter has overstayed it's welcome. So you can just bring spring anytime now. 
Dear Beautiful Creatures - You are just the book I've been looking for. I haven't been able to get into a book in so long. Thank you for that. I can't wait to read more... 
Dear Life - you've been real funny lately {and I don't mean funny in the "haha" sense}. Causing too much drama, making me question my strength and patience, however, I'm so glad that things are blowing over. That this all may be fixable. 
Dear Walmart - These coral/orange jeggings I bought yesterday... totally digging them. So comfy and bright! Who'd have thought they came from you!

Dear Harper - I am so glad I got to spend most of my weekend last weekend making you smile and being silly with you. I love seeing you grow and discover the world already. I can't wait to spend more precious moments with you. I didn't know I could love something that wasn't mine so much. 

Dear Nora & Jac supporters - You are amazing. I'm so grateful for the support and love I have gotten in the last two months. I'm working on some new stuff for spring and I'm hopeful that you'll love it just as much as you loved the cowls!

Dear Yoga - I'm so glad we finally got to spend some time together last night. I had been needing that for quite awhile and I feel so much better. I'm pretty sure we will meet again tonight! 
And dear new followers - thank you. It's tough building a blog again, but you all make it so worthwhile. 

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Happy Friday, pumpkins! 


Heather Marie said...

I keep on hearing things about the walmart jeggings.. I may have to go get a pair.. or 2! found you via friday letters and now am following! Would love to be blogging friends!

Natalie said...

Love the orange with the leopard & turquoise! So great!

Summer said...

You are rocking those orange leggings and the leopard paired with it is awesome! What a presh little babes! Glad you got to spend time with her! Is she yours? I'm new to the blog super cute!

Hope Hicks said...

that outift is so stinkin cute. and so is your hair! LOVE!