Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'm the kind of girl who...

  • could wear cowboy boots everyday.
  • dreams in bright, vivid color.
  • has internal debate every morning about whether or not to wear makeup - makeup usually wins. You. Are. Welcome.
  • finds peace behind a sewing machine.
  • still sleeps with a fan on.
  • would rather be barefoot. {Yes, over wearing cowboy boots - but that's not socially acceptable ;)}
  • doesn't like condiments. None of them.
  • can't stand the feeling, look, thought of velvet.
  • always makes fun of her eye color {shit brown} - but honestly, I think I'd look soo weird with anything else.
  • would rather watch a movie on DVD than go to the theater. Unless it's a scary movie.
  • stops reading a book series if it becomes too popular. I don't like to be reading the same thing as everyone else. I still haven't finished Twilight or Hunger Games because I got tired of the hype.
  • thinks Damon, Deacon, and Sonny are the sexiest men on TV. So... I like a dark, brooding guy, what of it?
  • will continually try to make amends.
  • would rather eat a cookie or ice cream than anything else.
  • prefers whiskey over wine.
  • will never be a morning person - no matter how hard I try. Or wish. 
  • can fall in love with a cat in 5 seconds. 
  • mentally plans her wardrobe every night as she's falling asleep. 
  • always has her nails painted. 
  • feels too much and says too little. 
  • will contemplate for the next 30 years over getting a tattoo... I always think about it... I'll never do it. 
  • can be one of the guys just as easily as one of the girls.
  • craves the sand between her toes or strong summer storm when life is kicking her in the ass. 
  • would do anything for the people she loves.

What kind of girl are you? {or guy... but I'm assuming it's mostly chics who stop by these parts.} Link up with Holly at Running in Stilettos - or leave it in my comments! I kinda loved this prompt {great idea, Holly!}!

Happy Tuesday, y'all - although I'm going to think it's Monday all. day. long.

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the girl in the red shoes said...

Love this list! And I am obsessed with your mug! Super cute!

Linda said...

Cute post! I love this idea :)

Holly said...

Love you list and learning more about you!! I sleep with a fan on too! Going barefoot would be so much easier and less expensive! Haha! I plan outfits in the shower :)

Thank you so much for linking up!! Glad you liked the idea!

Jessica @ Wonder What's Next said...

Damon, check! Deacon, check! Sonny...as in Corinthos?! Double check! Are we soul sisters??

P!nky said...

I love whiskey and wine, not together!

Love your scarf in your picture!

Rachel said...

I love cowboy boots! I wear mine every semi-acceptable chance I get! And I also plan the next day's outfits the evening before, too!

Amy said...

love this...fun idea. :)

Jennie said...

I love my sewing machine! Its so relaxing to just sit and do some work =)

Tyler said...

being barefoot is the absolute best :)

lacey said...

i love posts like this! i like knowing tidbits of quirky information about people. let's see, i can hardly ever refuse dessert. i love having my nails painted, but i hardly ever make the time to do it. when i walk into a bookstore, i become inspired to read everything ever written, but then usually settle for a trashy gossip magazine. always has music on. loves her morning coffee. thanks for the fun post! (also, i'm with you on the tattoo thing. i really want one, but i don't think i'll ever follow through.)