Friday, February 15, 2013

The little things. {Goodies and Berries}

It's Friday. Which means two things... I get to go home and see the family for the first time in awhile and it's time for "It's the Little Things Friday"... And let me tell you... this week was made by just that, the little things.

Unexpected little gifts for Valentine's Day. An energy drink, an insulated mason jar cup, a book, socks, and a starbucks to go cup. My friends know me well! 

Pretty glitter candle finds. It matches my glitter bunny and I got it for .94 cents at Target. Can't beat that. 

Actually getting my liquid liner on straight and berry lips that stayed on through lunch. 

Knowing that I get to see this face this weekend! {For the first time in over a month!} I miss her.

Have a fantastic weekend, friends!


Amy said...

I found your adorable blog through the GFC collective...glad to be your follower!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Im your new follower from the blog hop!