Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happiness is...

making a dinner that was almost too delicious.
and healthy. That's a double win, kids!
getting to the gym. 
a productive day.
a sleepy, cuddly kitten.
Monday nights with The Bachelor.
a summer storm.
sweet friends.
freshly painted nails.
30 minute phone calls with my mom. 
the little things. 
not dreading waking up in the morning to go to work. 
truly enjoying your job.
leopard print.
Jack Daniels.
soy caramel mocha's from Starbucks.
Dad texting me that he misses and loves me. 

What's on your happy list? Leave me a comment with yours!

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Have a good Tuesday, sweet peas!


Heather Marie said...

love this list of happy thoughts. it is so nice to stop and reflective on those little things that do make us so happy! great post!

Jordan said...

This is so sweet. I can feel the positive energy. I'd have to say the things that are making me happy are...
when my son is quietly enjoying a toy,
sitting and enjoying a girl scout cookie,
watching my son eat on his own and not make a mess,
finishing a project and having it come out better than expected.
I love this, and I'm stealing it for a post Lol
Thanks for sharing :)

Sarah said...

Yummy and healthy dinners are such a win win! Love when that happens!

Hope Hicks said...

This girl would love the recipe! What makes me happy are the simple things. A rainy Tuesday, a cup of hot tea, soft music and a sleepy baby :) I may steal this too p.s.