Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's ok. {Round 2}

Anyone else think this week is flying by?!

This has been my week. Cats, cowls, and nail polish.
Anyways, I'm linking up with Neely for It's Okay Thursday...

Its Ok Thursdays

It's ok...

to be sooooo excited about the Weddings we have booked this year. One is a lifelong friend of mine and I'm so thrilled that they chose us to photograph their big day!

to come to the conclusion that I focus much more and am WAY more productive in the mornings when I drink Red Bull as opposed to coffee.

to be a little annoyed that it's so cold out. Again. Still.

to have full fledged conversations with my cat when he consistently wakes me up at 3am for no reason. "Why, Tric, why?! Ugh" "Meow" "Ugh... I don't know what you want..." it goes a lot like that... then he gets booted out the door. Momma needs her sleep. #crazycatlady

to be thinking about a little sale at Nora & Jac. Who doesn't love a little discount? ;) And on that note to get all warm and fuzzy inside when I read sweet emails, tweets, and blog posts about my cowls.

to keep it short and simple today.

Have a fantastic Thursday, y'all!

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