Thursday, January 10, 2013


Loving... Getting back to blogging. I've missed it - but it just wasn't going where I wanted. I'm also loving the love I've gotten with my cowls. I love the sweet tweets saying they love it or that they've worn it everyday. It seriously makes my day. Who knew that this little thing I knitted for myself would be such a hit with everyone else. I couldn't be more thankful and humbled by it. Oh, and morning cuddles with my kitten... okay, he's almost 4 but still...

Watching... All the winter premiere's of my favorite shows! Biggest loser was on Sunday night - which totally motivated me to get back to the gym even more. I was tweeting back and forth with Nikki about eating right and exercising. I watched The Bachelor on Monday night... did y'all see the Fifty Shades of Grey girl?! WHAT was she thinking?! #peoplebecrazy. AND tonight... NASHVILLE comes back... I'm obsessed. It's hands down my favorite show on right now. It made the absence of One Tree Hill not so hard to take this year. #imissyoubdavis

Wishing... That all the New Years Resolution people would get out of the gym. Selfish? Maybe... but c'mon... Saturday mornings used to be a very empty and peaceful time at the gym, now... it's jam packed. I get it, and more power to those of you... but I just want a treadmill. That's all.

Eating... Healthy. After all the junk from the holidays. And the booze... it's time for a detox! I made veggie pizza on Monday {I make a mean pizza!} and it absolutely hit the spot... I know pizza isn't the healthiest, but far be it for me to deny myself one of my favorite foods... I'll just add tons of veggies! Last night I took a stab at stuffed peppers filled with ground turkey, zucchini, and couscous. They were delicious!!!! And tonight is pork tacos... It's nice to get back in the kitchen and cooking. It's one of my happy places.

Reading... Nothing. I have a stack of books to read and even more on my Kindle app on my phone. But between knitting, Full House being on all night, and the holidays... I haven't even cracked open one of those books. Maybe soon... maybe.

Looking forward to... Going home this weekend to see my new niece. Guys, she's the most adorable thing... EVER! And I usually don't think newborns are cute... that's saying a lot. I also may be biased - but whatever. ;) One of our old friends is coming down to meet her too... it'll be a nice weekend. I'm also looking forward to Nashville/Atlanta next weekend/week with Amy. We are going to ATL for Imaging USA {a photography conference} but we thought we'd stop in Nashville on the way down Friday night... and y'all - my inner country girl and country music lovin' heart is BEYOND excited!

I was inspired to do this "Currently" post by Illy at Much Love, Illy - she's one of my favorites!!! What are you doing currently?! Leave a comment or link to your post!

I finally got my shop up and running - I'm working on getting better photos of the cowls - but for now, these will do. Go check it out! And I'm offering 15% off until January 16th. Enter code WELCOME at checkout!

ANDDDD I launched my FB page... make sure to go "like" it! {I'm still working on the html code for my social media buttons... grrrrrr!}

Happy Thursday, lovelies!

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