Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's a boring moment...

Day 9: one moment.

This may be the hardest one yet. To choose a solitary moment in my day worth sharing... What if I don't have one that's all that exciting? While I have no complaints about my day... it wasn't one for the record books, ya know?

I'm afraid Shay is going to be so sorely disappointed in my choice of moments. Cause it's going to go a little like this...

I'm starving.

So I ate. This place of deliciousness.

I just ran my bum off {2.5 miles is an accomplishment, y'all.} And all I can think about at the moment is dinner. So that's my moment. My one worth sharing. Cause it's going to be that good.

P.s. My little space on this blogsphere is in the process of getting a makeover. Thanks to the wonderful Nikki - I'm excited to show y'all what she's been working on!! 

Happy Thursday, lovers! See ya manana. 


Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

blah blah blah blah blah blah..

just kidding, this still works. exercise whore.

Courtney B said...

Pasta is my weeeeeeeeeeakness! What is the recipe for this?!

Paige Andy said...

I think we all desperately want approval from Shay :) And that looks fricken delish.

lacey said...

2.5 miles deserves more food than that! go get em, lady!