Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hope we can still be friends...

Day 22: Rant about something. Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel. {a pet peeve, a current event, a controversial topic, something someone does that ticks you off.}

Because I don't have just one, large issue to fill a blog post... how about a sweet and lovely post about things that annoy the piss crap out of me. 

{isn't it lovely how I can capture my annoyed face on camera... or it's sad. Either way it worked for today!}

If I hold the door open for you, acknowledge that. I don't need you to hug me and show your undying appreciation - but a smile - hell, even a nod. That'd be ok. 

For the love of all things Holy - chew with your mouth closed. I know I can be guilty of talking with food in my mouth and it drives my brother some people nuts. But that's totally different. Most of the time.

If I text you. Text me back... eventually. It doesn't need to be the second I said something, but at least just respond at some point. I don't typically just text to shoot the shit. 

And speaking of shooting the shit... I don't want to text just to do that. If our conversation is going to go something like this... You: hey. me: hey, what's up? you: nothing. *crickets* then... just don't text me. 

Smelly people. Why? Can you not smell? And... on that note, I've known more than one person who can't smell and they don't smell like ass all the time. So... neither should you. Be courteous to those around you.

When social media is strictly used for complaining about your lot in life. A complaint here and there is one thing... but if you are just going to whine and gripe... *unfollow*

Please, please, please... if you're wearing flip flops... wear them. Don't drag them. They aren't 10 pound weights on your feet - it's really not that hard, I promise.  

Rant. Finished. 

Hope we can still be friends... I promise if you're guilty of any of these things I'll learn to look away. Unless you smell... then no. We can't be friends. ;)

Happy hump day, kittens! Who's excited for the Nashville finale tonight?! *points to self*


Claudz said...

Some of thesse ended up on my list two. So well said. I am joining the site

Seoul Sold said...

I went all happy and sweet with this blog challenge, but I'll admit it. Sometimes I want to stab people with my phone antennae when they don't respond.. HOW HARD IS IT! YOU HAVE PREDICTIVE TEXT JUST GET IT STARTED AND THE PHONE WILL FINISH IT!

Alissa said...

YES to the social media rant. I've recently had to unfollow a few girls because they were just too. much.

I'm guilty of mentally answering a text message, but then forgetting to actually answer it. But then I remember and I send my reply.

Speaking of which, I went to text you a picture of the Monster I was drinking yesterday and then I realized I don't have your number, so that should change...


Nicole White said...

I love all of this, especially the opening the door and the complaining and the filp flop thing.

And I am SO super pumped to watch Nashville!

Marie-Michelle La Rue said...

all of these but the flip flop, aaaarg the FLIP FLOP...!
you can add to this any shoes in teenagers feet. and it drives me crazy!

have a nice day!

hope @ a cup of Hope said...

HAHAHAHA. This made me laugh. The funniest is the flip flops. Or overly making a loud flopping noise while walking in them.