Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I'm afraid... and a few spotlights.

Day 7: The thing (s) I'm most afraid of...

Let's start with the basics, shall we..
Tight spaces.
Heights {although I still ride roller coasters...}
Clowns. Seriously, how can one NOT be afraid of them.
Bees. I really, really, really hate them. Think shrieking and running when one comes around me.

But the real fear... the fear that keeps you awake into the dead of the night.

Fire. I used to be deathly terrified of it. My Dad was a volunteer firefighter/EMT growing up and I never really thought much about it until I saw the movie Backdraft. There has never, ever been a movie that scared me more. And I love horror flicks. After seeing it - the thought of something catching fire and people I love not being able to get out has always haunted me.

Losing someone. I think this is a pretty common fear. But it's one of those that pulls at your heartstrings every time you are watching the news and you hear of all the unfortunate situations that go on in this world. It makes you want to hold your loved ones closer, hug them a little tighter, tell them "I love you..." one more time... Life is precious. And fleeting.

What are you afraid of?

So recently, something cool has happened... a couple of my friends have decided to open up online boutiques featuring all kinds of things. And I think it's so awesome that we can all tap into our talents and share them with the rest of the world. I love being surrounded with creative people and always having someone to bounce ideas off of and gain support from. It's refreshing that we can all be so supportive of one another... 

Nikki {whom I've talked about several times} is first and foremost the most inspiring and motivating friend ever when it comes to working out and getting fit. And she just recently opened up her shop Nicole Hynes Designs to showcase her crazy cool graphic design skills. I mean check out this birthday invite... 

Amy, one of my dearest friends, who is the genius behind Amy Clark Studios {the photography studio that I work for} has branched out to create some adorable photography props. She has recently launched Bernie Bean Boutique where she sells super cute headbands for newborns, babies, and kids. {Although I'm sure an adult could wear them if they asked nicely ;)} This is one of my favorites... I could so see Miss Harper sporting this...

And my sweet friend, Beth is a party planning genius. She has been dabbling with party planning, felting, and wreath making for quite awhile. And after many times of saying and seeing other say on her instagram or facebook posts "You should sell this..." she has finally opened her online shop! Felt Wonderland is a nod to her love of Alice in Wonderland and her creative mind. I love this wreath... it's so fun and different from the run of the mill wreathes you see in stores.

All such wonderful things and so very different! Go... check them out, follow them, you know the drill!

Happy Tuesday, kittens! 


Lindsay Kauffman said...

Love this and love finding new talent and blogs to follow :) xoxo, Lindsay

aimymichelle said...

oh man. clowns are horrible!

i'm a new follower.

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

So many people are afraid of death apparently.. losing people.

I think I must be an ass because I didn't write about that at all, and it's not a fear!

Fire though. whoa. yes.

lacey said...

irrational fear: whales. real fear: not being happy in life/with my life. these online boutiques look really great. i always appreciate good graphic design so i will definitely be checking that out!