Friday, May 3, 2013

I do it quickly. And hold my breath.

So the prompt today is things that make me uncomfortable...

Blood. Human blood to be exact - I am NOT good in an emergency situation. However, if it were an animal - I could stitch the damn thing back together. {I don't get it either!}

Velvet. Seriously. I hate it. 

Tight spaces. 

Heels. They just aren't comfortable. After years of thinking I'll wear them or break them in - I don't. And won't. Gimme a wedge anyday.

Talking to anyone for an hour after I wake up. 

Not washing my face before bed.

Slurping sounds. Listening to someone chew. Someone dragging their feet.

Wearing the clothes I wore all day to bed. 

Using a public bathroom after someone was just in the stall. Yes, I'll do it. But I do it quickly, and hold my breath. 

Soggy cereal. Melty ice cream. The speed at which I eat both of those would astound you. 

Poor grammar. We was going fishing... It's were! We were going fishing...But I realize it's not appropriate to correct people all the time. *sigh* {also, I have no idea why in my example fishing was the first thing that came to mind. I don't fish. Usually.}

When people read my magazines before I do.

Am I a weirdo or what? I'm sure there are plenty of other things that make me uncomfortable - but I can't think of them. Anyone who knows me is probably thinking... "wait, but you forgot....!"

What makes you uncomfortable??

Yayyyy me for completing Day 3 of the Blog everyday in May challenge!

Happy Friday, Pumpkins!
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Erin said...

I am the same with blood, I'm claustrophobic so I def. don't do well with tight or crowded spaces, planes also make me very uncomfortable!

Danielle Carroll said...

The slurping sound....the WORST! The velvet one made me laugh ;)