Monday, April 8, 2013

They make life wonderful...


A cupcake that lasts for days...and days.
Uncontrollable laughter that causes snorts and tears.
Kind words about the scarves and headbands I've made.
Ice cold water.
Sweet pictures of my darling niece.
The windows open and a nice breeze filtering through.
Untouched fabric... with endless possibilities.
Quiet mornings of working from home... in my PJ's.
Caramel. Everything. Cupcakes - coffee - candles...
Washi tape.
Super supportive friends and family.
The threat of a rainy day.

What are the little things you're savoring these days?

P.s. I've added some fun new headbands to le Shop - I can safely say, they're super comfy and won't cause headaches! Win!

I hope y'all have a wonderful Tuesday!

1 comment:

Hope Hicks said...

LOVE. I'm not sure if i could pull them off..but i'm willing to try! I'll be checking in your shop soon! :) So creative!