Thursday, April 18, 2013

Just keepin' it real...

Headband: Nora & Jac // Army Jacket: Marshall's {years ago} // Polka Dot dress:  Marshall's // Fringe Booties: Target

...i forgot my smile. I was obsessing about standing and sucking in. legs are disgustingly pasty.
...i've been criticizing myself since taking these pictures.
...that's normal, right?
...there were 30 taken... I barely liked two.
...Rachel Zoe is MAJ. Yea, I've said that before. Probably last Wednesday night... while blogging.
...peanut butter Snickers are my new guilty pleasure.
...lime in my water trumps lemon. By a lot.
...i'm as obsessed with the way I package my items as I am with the items themselves. Normal? No?
...this week has felt way long.
...i haven't ran all week... and really, really planned on it. Tomorrow, after work, I will run... for Boston.
...have you?
...i'm all about pointless, list posts this week. tired. I think there's a cold trying to take over my body, but I'm trying to fight it.
...blow out bar. Who's been? I want to go. Like yesterday.
...i need to do some major organizing of my sewing area.
...i just hit 100 likes on my Facebook page. I think that deserves a giveaway... who's game?

Have a fabulous Thursday, lovelies. I hope to come back tomorrow with something more thought provoking.  Please cross your fingers for me.


jackie jade said...

i feel super awkward posing for outfit photos, but you look great! congrats on hitting 100 on fb (i'm at 8 right now, lol) - everyone loves a giveaway!

Nicole White said...

Fingers are crossed but I do love pointless list posts, I think I will add one to my blog schedule for next week ;)

I need to get running again as well, it might rain here tomorrow but I am going to try to make it happen.

Holly said...

I enjoy random posts like this! And I enjoy your headbands. You're pretty :)

Erin said...

You look awesome girl! I hate when I take outfit pictures I always end up thinking I look fat and delete them!