Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday's Letters. Round 3.

Dear Friday - where the heck did you come from??? I swear just yesterday it was Monday...not that I'm complaining, but seriously - where'd the rest of my week go? Dear Spring - THANK YOU for making an appearance. I've been able to wear dresses, go for a run, not freeze my bum off, and have my window slightly cracked. Tric and I thank you. 

Dear JCrew dress - I really like you - but not with booties. You're too long for that business. But I tried... so that's worth something, right? Dear Bud light - you are totally hitting the spot right now. Beer and blogging... that's pretty legit. Dear Motivation - Loved that you kicked in and I got a good run and workout in. Please don't go away. Pretty, pretty please. Dear Hair - I'm thinking about spicing you up a little... maybe bleaching the bottoms and underneath and putting some light highlights in the top - keeping with the ombre - just freshening it up a bit... ala Lauren Conrad. 


Dear all of you - have a wonderful weekend!!! 

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Coco said...

Dear Ashley and Jac, have a great weekend :-)
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Ashley said...

Loving that J.Crew dress! Can't wait for dress weather all the time :) Happy Friday!

Erin Keene said...

Love Lauren Conrad...and I think boots go with everything!! I wear them with all my dresses!

lacey said...

i actually think that whole outfit is cute-booties included! but i know what you mean. also, lauren conrad is stunning, and i wish i could get away with wearing a full skirt and a bathing suit top as part of a normal routine.

Brittany Kyte said...

I kinda like the booties with the dress!! I think it's cute! Friday came SO quickly for me too!!

Adrienne Clark said...

Eek!! The J Crea dress is adorabs! Love the booties too! I wish I was brave enough to Ombre, but for now I will keep admiring everyone elses!
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Hope Hicks said...

that dress is super cute! I need to spice my hair up too. :):)