Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Right now...

I'm excited for this coming Saturday, we're hitting up the new Hollywood Casino for my brothers birthday celebration. {Happy Birthday, Bubba!!!!!!}
I've been loving those flat pretzel cracker things...seriously, why haven't I tried them before? And I took everyone's advice and got veggie cream cheese to dip them in. DELISH!
I'm beyond grateful for the love and support I have gotten for the new Nora & Jac products. It means the world. {So thank YOU!}
I'm missing Harper and can't wait to see her soon. Right now I'm just living vicariously through pictures I'm sent. 
I'm wishing there were a coffee shop next door to the studio. Or my apartment.
This weather is making me incredibly sleepy but I love it at the same time. Especially the storms. 
I'm loving the Mommy & Me sessions we are doing in the park. Makes me want my Mom to get her bum up here so we can do them... you're never too old!
I've posted a couple new headbands on my facebook page and instagram
I'm linking up with Shanna and Lauren.

Happy hump day, kids. 


Erin said...

Love your pants!! And I love those pretzel things too! The parmesan flavor is my favorite!

jessica said...

i love those leopard print flats. they're supa cute!

i just found out they are opening a dunkin donuts, like literally a minute from my house. i am too crunk! my wallet isn't but i am!

Nicole White said...

I dip the pretzel things in hummus and eat them all day long! They were on sale at Target this week :)