Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A little of this... a little of that...

On Saturday we went to the new Hollywood Casino for my brother's birthday. So. Much. Fun. None of us won anything exciting... but it was something different, and I'll tell ya what... people watching, at a casino... it just doesn't get better. Just a little of everything. 

I had no idea what to wear to a casino, so I went with a good go-to outfit... skinnies+wedges+blazer = can't go wrong. And let me take a second to talk about these skinnies... the major perk of being relatively pocket size... is that I can wear kids clothes. Well bottoms and shoes. At Target they had these pants in the women's dept for $30... or $14 in the girls section. You better bet your bum that I got the girls pants. And they fit quite well... a bit shorter than I had wanted, but I could rock it. Admittedly, a large majority of my sandals and flats are also from the kids section. I just see it as I have more options when shopping... and I love it. 

So I realize I've been a bit absent - Thursday evening after work I got a phone call that my roommate had been attacked by a pit bull while walking her dog. This dog chased her down and attacked her from behind. Very scary. So I spent all of Thursday night at the hospital with her. The dog had gotten her real good on both arms and her hip. But she made it out with a few stitches - no broken bones, or surgeries to speak of. And I'm happy to report that after resting for the past 4 days, she's getting back into the swing of things. 

I'm the absolute worst person to have around if there's blood. Like a lot of blood. I can not handle it. And for that I apologize to those around me for that. So I did my best at just being there for moral support. 

And with that I was having a bout with some swollen tonsils. I've finally gotten that under control, but the sore throat, wasn't making me want to do much of anything. 

Tea can cure all, I believe.

I was busy working on orders and a getting a few new fabrics actually in the shop... and my sewing machine decided to bite it. So I'm working on fixing that so I can get back to the list of orders I have. 

Such is life, right?!

Happy Tuesday, kids. Hope it's a good one!


jessica said...

i buy shoes from the kids department like all the time, and sometimes, i'll find a cute top. but i've never tried pants before. i love those pants you got and love em even more that you got em for $14! hmmm might have to check out the girls department at target this week. seriously, though, i love that outfit!!

Alyssa said...

Cuuuuute!! I love your pants!!

Emily said...

Love the headbands!