Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Snickerdoodle Smoothie.

I'm watching this new dating show... Ready for Love - are you watching it?? I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, I'm a huge fan of The Bachelor... so it's interesting to watch another dating show with a completely different philosophy. And sometimes I just feel so bad for these girls... they get so into the dude on Day 1. Tears and all... already... and it's the first episode. 

I finally turned the sewing machine off and decided to pack up shop for the evening. Sewing is my happy place. I hate when I neglect it for so long... 

And - I completed week 1 of Couch to 5k tonight. This is only the 4th time I've started it... but baby steps, guys. I'm hoping I can actually stick to it this time around... 


That delicious smoothie up there... that's really what I'm here to talk about...

I am obsessed with green smoothies. They have become my breakfast go-to for the past few weeks. And honestly, I think they keep me fuller and have helped me stay on track with healthy eating. There's something to be said for a quick, healthy, and delicious breakfast to start your day off with!

This is one of my favorites...

Snickerdoodle Fake Out - Green Smoothie

What you need:
A handful of baby spinach
1 frozen banana
1 c. vanilla greek yogurt
1/3 c. ground oats {I grind mine in my coffee grinder - works amazing!}
Truvia to taste
Cinnamon to taste
1/2 c. soy milk
few ice cubes

Throw it all in the blender and let it go! I like a lot of cinnamon flavor so I add way more than necessary... just add as much as you'd like. Smoothies are so easy to make and adapt to your palate. I make this one without cinnamon too and it tastes so much like a sugar cookie. 

Have you tried a green smoothie yet? What's your favorite combination??

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Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Erin said...

LOVE green smoothies- I'm drinking one right now lol!
I have been doing 1 C. almond milk, 3-4 C. spinach or kale, 1 frozen banana and a handful of frozen peaches and honeydew!

I will have to try yours out!

Hope Hicks said...

My Aunt is a nutritionist and she said even once a day juicing or a green smoothie is amazing for detoxing your body. I am definitely late on the bandwagon, but I will have to blog about the one I just did. I'm trying to do it once a day! So proud of you! Keep up with your running, you will feel amazing once you're up to the 5k! I'm still working towards that. This warm weather definitely helps :) P.S.- Coffee date soon. for real not kidding. :)

smk053078 said...

I haven't ever tried one of the green smoothies, BUT you had me at Snickerdoodle and I just may have to give this one a whirl!! :)

Anonymous said...

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Have a great weekend.

lacey said...

i love green smoothies in general but one that tastes like cookies? now you're talking!