Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Better late than never...

I feel like it's been far too long since I've sat down and wrote a blog post. And I can't believe it's Wednesday already! {I know - I say that way too often, but seriously... the weeks and days just fly by sometimes}.

So let's play catch up and chat about my weekend... we'll pretend it's Monday but it really won't be... that works, yea? ;)

I went home on Friday and it was nice to get to spend the whole day with my Mom and Harper...

She's doing SO good at tummy time already!
I seriously just die over her cuteness every time I'm around her. She's growing sooooo much and soooo quickly. And she's just so dang adorable. I had no idea what being an Aunt would really be like until now... and I love every second of it and there are few things in this world that can brighten any of our days like this little face. 

My Aunt had texted me the day Harper was born and said "Congrats, Aunt Jackie - I know you are as excited as I was when my first niece was born..." now, 3 months later, I totally get what she means. So thank you Bub and Hollie for bringing this ray of sunshine into our lives. 

We also went out Friday evening for our friends' Dad's birthday. Such a nice night... good beers, good friends, good times. Can't beat that. 

Saturday was my Momma's birthday and we just hung out for the day, watched Harper for a bit, then went and did a little shopping... of course she buys clothes for H and not herself. She's silly. 

Y'all, how gorgeous is my Mom? She's so cute. We had decided to go in together and get her a ring for her birthday... so after researching for awhile I found one on Etsy that was perfect. They were stack able birthstone rings {I'm a dummy and didn't get a picture of it on her} but we got 4 of them for her and she LOVED it! 

Here it is on my pinky bc I have such fat fingers. But it turned out beautifully! 
I ordered this from Intentional Stones and Simbelmyne was a doll to work with. We chatted back and forth for a week about what I wanting and how quickly I could get it since I was on a bit of a time crunch and once I finally placed the order it was in my mailbox 2 days later. That is some amazing service. And it was such a gorgeous ring and Mom loved it! 

We had made dinner for her that evening and the six of us just sat around the table eating, talking, drinking cocktails, and laughing. It was another great evening. There so much to be said for quiet evenings. 

And well, the Easter bunny arrived on Sunday and we ate lots of delicious food, flew kites while drinking watermelon vodka punch {amazing}, and spent more time with family. 

So that was my weekend... in a few snapshots. How was yours?? I can't believe it's Wednesday and I'm talking about my weekend...smh!? 

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Such a beautiful girl!! Love the pictures