Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A big person kiss.


Ohhh, that memorable first kiss. Isn't it funny how those little moments, 16 years ago, we can almost remember like it was yesterday??

So let's set the scene, shall we...

I was dating this boy - let's call him Mason. Who had been chasing me for so long, I was always his little crush and he was always my little annoyance. But eventually he wore me down with sweet love notes, and sentimental things...

I don't remember how long we were together - but in the true spirit of being a 7th grader - everything was dramatic and we were gonna be in love forever. {But seriously, thank God for growing out of that phase.}

And in the spirit of being so young... our first "big person kiss" was planned. {Who does that?!} It was to be on the last day of school, after our end of the year party, in the small parking lot... {How do I remember this?} And seriously... I think the build up before it was the best part {looking back} I can remember having long, life altering talks with my best friend about how do you french kiss? Do you really use your tongue? My tongue in a dude's mouth... that just didn't seem right... but whatever y'all say. {She hadn't had her first kiss either... so I was diving in blindly.}

So as you can imagine, we were both so nervous that entire day... stealing glances, and holding hands when we shouldn't be {gasp!}... and then, it was time. *cue dramatic music*

We met where we had agreed to... when we agreed to... were standing how we thought we were supposed to... but, now what? Then all the sudden it was over... it was like going to the doctor and getting a shot. So much build up and nervousness then in mere seconds it's over - and you realize that it wasn't so bad. I remember when we pulled away from our 7th grade, awkward embrace he looked at me with a cheesy ass grin smothered all over his face, and said... "So that's a big person kiss."

Ohhhhh young love.

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Happy Wednesday, sweet cheeks!

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hope @ a cup of Hope said...

Haha, I love this! My first big person kiss was when I was 17. How embarrassing!

smk053078 said...

Priceless!!! My first big person kiss was in the 8th grade and I was so nervous and it kinda grossed me out because let's face it...we had no idea what we were doing!! This made me laugh!!

Alissa said...

I love that you remember all of the details - I wish I could! Too funny that it was planned - that totally was a middle school thing to do!

Karm said...

haha that is so sweet. Oh gosh, I feel bad, I am reading everyone's stories and I honestly cannot remember my first kiss at.all. Poor guy whoever he is, was not memorable... haha said...

wow you had a great first kiss and so lucky to remember it!! I had my first kiss as a sophomore in high school.

actually very interested in the headbands....i'm half lazy and blind to look, but how much?

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

I love that is was planned, how hysterical is that?

Girl, and I promise, the minute I have money to blow I'm spending it all at your shop ALL OF IT.

Amanda said...

Cute headbands! I totally remember having conversations with my friends about French kissing too!