Friday, June 7, 2013

Homemade Brownies. That's why I run.

The world must be better upside down.
Dear Couch to 5k - Only two more weeks to go and I have successfully finished you. To have just made it this far is impressive enough! 7 weeks of solid running is more than I ever imagined I'd stick with. Thank you for keeping my legs nice and toned this spring. Dear Sweet tooth - I totally negate aforementioned run when I come home and need my sugar fix... and decide to make homemade brownies. {I only made a half batch though...}. I run so I feel less guilty about these brownies... screw getting skinny. I'm 75% serious. Dear Blog Everyday in May Challenge - I almost don't know what to do without mind boggling prompts this week. I've got to get back in my blogging routine without someone else doing the thinking for me. Next week, guys. Next week. Dear everyone who has supported Nora & Jac's bracelet launch - thank you. Thank you for the countless retweets, comments, messages, and just the love you have shown me. I love this little creative outlet that I have found and without the support of all of you - I simply couldn't do it. Dear Brownies baking in my oven - you smell damn good.


I'm linking up with Ashley today for Friday's letters.

Happy Friday, sweet cheeks. I hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!


Danielle Villano said...

Oh, it's so nice to hear about someone succeeding with Couch to 5k! You've definitely given me a bit of inspiration to keep at it :)

Loving your shop - the mint dot sailors headband has me a bit weak in the knees ;-)

Glad to be a new Bloglovin follower!


Alissa said...

I struggled with blogging this week too...I'm not used to coming up with my own ideas anymore!

Which is why I stole a post from you and from Shay.

Ugh. Next week, next week.

Enjoy your weekend!

Kwok Wai Wu said...

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Sarah @ To Be Mrs. Collier said...

Did you like the couch to 5K program? I am starting it this week and haven't used a program like this before. I also am not a super huge fan of running. This project should be interesting! said...

yes I'm certain the world is better upside down in the weirdest contortionist move ever!! silly cat!!