Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Modern Day Classic Beauty.

While I adore Audrey Hepburn and classic beauties... Lauren Conrad has been and will always be one of the most fashionable, well dressed women in today's society. I can't remember a moment of her being on the "Worst Dressed List" - or hearing entertainment hosts say "What was she thinking?"

She always looks put together. Always. And when I saw that she's adorning the cover of July's Marie Claire - I silently squealed. Yes, I'm that girl who runs out to purchase a magazine just because her favorite fashionista is on the cover {LC and Jessica Simpson are my girl crushes, guys - I can't help it.}.

But seriously, let's talk about how insane she looks in this shoot...

All photos courtesy of Marie Claire.

I loved this because it was a bit more saucy than other shoots she has done. Her makeup looks flawless and her hair makes me long for my bangs again {stupid Ohio humidity}.

Do you have a girl crush, a favorite fashionista, a celebrity who's style you adore and would love to emulate?

I'm linking up with Shanna. Because really, how much more random could this post be???

Happy Wednesday, y'all. I'm crossing my fingers that the storms this afternoon aren't as bad as they're anticipating. I do not want to lose power for 6 days again. 


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I'll admit..i didn't like her on Laguna's the Hills that made me a fan. She has greta So Cal taste and you're right she's very well if only i could have her $$