Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Sunday Currently.

Reading: Blogs. Weeks worth of blogs. I haven't had time to sit down and catch up in awhile... that's what today is. Catch up day.

Writing: This. Which is astounding, honestly. I haven't read blogs... or written any in far too long. I also just need to write... period. In my journal. Or something... it's good for the soul.

Listening to: The humming of a fan. Which is pretty relaxing. I wish it were the sound of waves crashing into the shore.... a few weeks... a few weeks...

Thinking: About the things I need to do this week, fabric I want to get, that I'm starving and can't wait for dinner.

Smelling: The coconut candle that's burning in the living room. Ahhhh.... beach smells.

Wishing: That there were another day in the weekend... it's been such a plan-less, relaxing two days... which were so needed. I also wish I had slept in a bit longer both days... and... found a pool to lay out at. Ohhhh well!

Hoping: That the next 3 weeks goes quickly so I can get my toes in the sand ASAP. That all the upcoming plans I have for Nora & Jac go well. That the fabric I ordered arrives on my doorstep tomorrow.

Wearing: A tank, workout leggings, and socks. Just finished another day of p90x. Yay me!

Loving:  Honestly, p90x. And getting in shape... I can feel a difference and it feels nice. I think I enjoy it so much more this time because I'm working out for me and no one else. I also don't really have this dream body that I'm trying to achieve either. I just want to tone up and feel better in my skin. And I have learned that that makes such a huge difference in working out and getting healthy.

Wanting: Pizza.

Needing: Dinner... and a shower. And a couple more hours in the day.

Feeling: Happy that I got to see the family this weekend... we had such a nice dinner last night for Dad's birthday. Drinks, delicious food, family, quality time with my two favorite baby girls... couldn't ask for more really.

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Happy Sunday... and Monday to y'all! Back to sewing I go...

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siddathornton said...

i need to write in my journal, too. for a while there, i was on a really good kick of writing every single day. that needs to happen again. i just feel better when i'm writing things down each day. i don't know why i ever stop.

oooh, i need a coconut candle. i always tend to prefer 'winter' scents, because they are warmer & sweeter... but coconut... that seems like a summer smell that would fit the bill for my preferences.