Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Polka dots and green. {What I wore}

Jacket: Marshall's {years ago} // Lace shirt: XXI // Polka Dot skinnies: Walmart // Green booties: Charlotte Russe

Notice the little flowers coming up... spring's coming, spring's coming, spring's coming... right?!

I'm legit obsessed with these pants and booties. Like I never want to take either of them off. 

Sunglasses: some random store at Polaris Mall. They were screaming my name. Obviously.

Bracelet: a gift from my Momma... or I borrowed it from her. ;)
I have been searching for a pair of polka dot skinnies for a few months now... and they have been surprisingly hard to come by. Especially when you factor in that I wanted them to actually fit well, not break the bank, and to be denim color. So you can imagine my shock when I randomly come across these babies in Walmart of all places. I was grocery shopping, minding my own business, took a little browse through the clothing {not expecting to find anything} and I find these. On clearance. With zippers at the ankle. And they fit well. Sold. 

It's so awkward being in front of the camera. I haven't been doing photography for very long, but I feel much more comfortable behind the camera. Where I'm control. But... the sun was shining and I'm loving these pants so... I couldn't miss out on the opportunity to snap a few pictures. 

And after seeing these photos I realized a few things -- that I should take my hands outta my pockets, I need to wash my hair {it's really not dirty, but I have a lot of product in it}, and actually do something with it, and I'm still unsure of the lace shirt. I keep trying to wear it... and never really love it. Eh, ya win some ya lose some, right?!

Well, sweet cheeks - I'm off to catch the finale of Pretty Little Liars... I have a whole theory about this show... even though I'm kinda over it now. They are dragging it on too long and adding too many random people and events. I just don't love it anymore... but I still must see how it plays out.

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Happy Wednesday, sweet checks!


smk053078 said...

Wal-Mart? Are you freaking kidding me? You are the 2nd blogger that has scored something fab there. I think I need to make a trip. And FYI, Target has a cute pair of polka dot jeans out right now too! ;)

Hope Hicks said...

LOVE those shoes and pants. Um, PS, this is a little embarrassing--BUT..I happened to walk into Aeropostale (weird, i know), but their pants and shorts were on SALE bigtime. I tried on a pair of those polka dot denim skinnies, and they fit so well, for $15. Sadly i did not get them, now i regret it seeing how cute they are on someone else. But they also had pinstripe skinnies, floral etc. And me being short, i loved the fit. :)

Amanda @ Eloquent English said...

I bought mine from Target! Well they are actually grey, not jean. ;)

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Emily said...

sooo loving the polka dot pants and booties! you look fabulous!

Alisa Marie said...

I think your hair looks great, doesn't look dirty to me at all :) I seriously need a pair of Polka Dot pants, who would have thought that you would be able to find a pair at Wal-Mart, I never would have looked there! Such a Bargainista!

Thanks for Linking up today!

Yelle said...

Hello from the Bloglovin Hop! These polka dotted skinnies are so cute! I think you paired them with the perfect pair of shoes!

Chelsea said...

THOSE JEANS! I am so in love! You're adorable! Can I just borrow your closet, please?!

lacey said...

those booties are excellent. and anything polka dotted makes me giddy. super cute outfit!

Karen Curtis said...

These are great pieces individually. I am sure you are going to get a lot of use out of them. You look great!


Callie said...

These are my favorite polka dot pants I've seen yet! I can't believe you got them at WalMart!! You look fabulous - love the outfit. =)


Holly said...

I love the polka dot skinnies and the booties! Too cute!

thedirtyknitter said...

I picked up those polka-dot babies on clearance @ walmart too! Yay!