Friday, March 1, 2013

Deacon and Kip Moore. *Swoon*

Dear nail polish collection // I had no idea how large you actually were. I don't know whether to be proud of ashamed that I have 163 precious bottles... I'm going to go with proud. And I'm even more proud that there were very few duplicates. Very well rounded collection. Now - who wants to have a manicure party?! {points to self}

Speaking of self, let's chat with you a moment, shall we? // Get some good sleep, please. This tossing and turning thing is for the birds. {If birds slept in beds, that is.} It's making for a very grumpy girl during the day, and trust me - no one wants that.

Dear Motivation // show yourself. I went to the gym once this week, did an ab workout, and yoga - I'd really like to get to the gym a bit more often than once.

Dear Nashville {the show} // you were fantastic this week. Hands down my favorite show right now. The scene with Deacon AND Kip Moore... *swoon* I feel like such a boy crazy high schooler when I watch this show - remember when we used to go CRAZY over N*Sync or Joshua Jackson - yea, that's how I feel. How old am I again??

Dear Friday // it sure feels like it took forever for you to get here. But I'm looking forward to seeing some of the family this weekend. And sleeping in on Sunday. However, the laundry that I have to do - not really looking forward to that.

Dear you // Here are a few of my favorite things this week...

This blog and the writer behind it. {I've mentioned her before} but she seriously motivates me. And we all need that. However - on her Facebook page she is constantly posting great workouts, recipes, and inspiration. I highly recommend checking it out.

This shop I want every stinkin' headband in her shop. They're all so cute and could be worn turban style or the traditional way. I need them all.

This lunch idea salad's in mason jars... that I can make on Sunday and they last through the week?! Yes. Please. This was one of those things that I've pinned before but until I read Katie's blog post about it I wasn't sold on it. So next week's lunch... salad's in Mason jars for this girl.

This blog it's a baby blog {as is mine} and she writes from the heart. Who doesn't love that? She's funny, sweet, and I even teared up while reading one of her posts. Do me a favor and go say hi :)

I hope you all have the best Friday!

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Manda said...

Holy Schmoly, Nail Polish! lol. I have quite a few, but not nearly that many.

Manda from Eat Cake

Stephanie said...

Let me just say... I'm sincerely jealous of your nail polish collection. Love your blog! Found you from the GFC Blog Hop, and I'd love for you to stop by and visit mine if you get the chance. Have a fabulous week!

Diary of a Debutante

lacey said...

oooh i like those turban headbands. super cute! except i look like a fool when i try to wear stuff like that. i guess i'll stick with baseball hats until my hair grows long and luxurious.

Anonymous said...

hahah my polish collection is somewhat similar...and still growing. "no babe there are many shades of is not just pink" this is what I tell my hubby when he complains about the polish. Like I complain about the massive amounts of screw drivers he I love the layout of your cute. AND...def heading over to that headband shop.