Sunday, September 1, 2013

Raspberry Lemonade... of the adult variety.

And just like that... summer came and went. Can you believe it?? It was like a whirlwind...

I'd like to say that I took a little summer vaca from the blog... and since it's back to school time for most... it should be back to blogging for me???

Works, right?

And what better way to welcome back blogging than with cocktail recipe?! I can't think of a better way, honestly.

We had a seafood boil this evening, topped off with my dad's homemade ice cream - of which we all dream about - and I volunteered to make the adult beverage... it only seemed right. ;)

And this is what I came up with...

Raspberry Lemonade... of the adult variety. 

1 bottle of white wine - I went with Moscato because it's my favorite
2 cups Raspberry Vodka - or more if you're feeling adventurous
1 bottle of sparkling water
1 can of pink lemonade concentrate
1 cup of fresh or frozen raspberries
juice of two lemons

Pour it all into a pitcher, punch bowl, mason jars... whatever floats your boat... and enjoy. I let it chill for about 2 hours before serving, but the drink police aren't going to come knocking on your door if you drink this deliciousness right away. I promise. ;)

We thoroughly enjoyed this punch tonight. Happy Labor Day to us! 

Well, Jenni has done it again... she has created another month of blogging so I think this is the perfect month to jump back into it. If you want, join in...

And guys, I just have to say it again... but I am blown away by all the love and support Nora & Jac has gotten this summer. I have loved seeing so many happy ladies, babes and in between rocking our headbands! Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

If you haven't checked out the store... you should... just click here. ;)
And... we're having a little Labor Day Sale... so snag those babies while you can! Annddd... we have NFL headbands available. For everyone... well, not Dad... or brother... they'd just look silly. ;)

Hope y'all are having a wonderful long weekend and are getting to spend some much needed time with family and friends!

See ya tomorrow, sweet cheeks!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Always be a little kinder...


I'll save you all the apologies for my week long absence again...

But, this quote. It needs to be shared. It's so very simple but often overlooked. I don't take pride in it, but I used to be the girl who wasn't a little kinder than necessary. I didn't care. Felt I was entitled or that I could get or achieve more by being bitchy or bossy. I was wrong, oh, was I wrong. 

Life is a funny thing when you take a step back from yourself. When you begin to see things with the shoe on the other foot, when you - dare I say it - begin to grow up. You realize that life would be so much easier, so much more enjoyable if you just smiled a little more. Said thank you more often. Let go of the stuff that weighs you down and just took a deep breath. 

It's so very easy to forget to do those things. So very easy. But everyday I realize more and more how much they need to happen. The person you pass while running - instead of scowling because they're in your way - smile. Maybe they need that today. The person juggling bags and boxes when leaving the store - offer to help them. Maybe that'll restore their hope in kind people. That friend that is wound tightly over their life events - listen and remind them to breathe. They are the simple things - but so many times, we fail to do them. God knows I do. 

But sometimes we have to slow down and enjoy it all - be grateful for the good things and let go of the ugly. 

I don't know why this quote struck me as it did today. But I think it's such a good reminder to us all... we don't know what one another are facing on the other side. Smiles will always get us further than scowls. And a "Thank You" can move mountains. 

Happy Thursday, sweet peas! {Let's be real - I'll probably see you again in a week ;)}

Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's been a minute...

So... it's been a minute.

Sometimes life happens and takes over your time. And that's the only thing I have to blame my absence on. Life. I don't know where June went. But July was full of family reunions, vacationing, and working 24/7... between work at the studio then work on Nora & Jac events.

Life happened.

But I'm not complaining... it's been a pretty nice summer and I cannot believe it's August already! Where does the time go???

What have I been up to, you ask? {Okay, so maybe you didn't ask... but I'm gonna tell ya!}

I started P90x in June and am now into my second phase of it. I really enjoy doing it - I'm not as regimented with it as I should be, probably - but I'm getting it done and when I'm having a day that I'm not feeling it - I try to get a run in. I've been really trying to make workouts part of my daily routine. I feel good when I do and I actually enjoy them. I feel like I've learned to not expect to see results after one day, that if I miss a day - it's okay, and stay focused and workout for myself. Those were important things I needed to get thru my thick skull.

In June, a HS friend of mine contacted me and wanted me to have my Nora & Jac products in her new local goods store in Lancaster {The Blank Slate}. I was thrilled! So I worked up a display and a lot of headbands, bracelets, and scarves and set up shop! Since then I've heard such great things about the response to my items. Which is exciting... baby steps y'all. Baby steps.

Last week we had a handmade affair at a local wine shop, Camelot Cellars - where a few of my crafty friends and I brought our goods to sell. We got to mingle, drink wine, and have a nice night of supporting local.

Two weeks ago I was laying on the beach of North Carolina... oh, how I miss it. It's one of those places that just feel like home to me. It's a simple life there. We had such a wonderful family vacation there. But I'm sure I'll talk MUCH more about that later. ;)

This week I'm getting ready for our Handmade Hop here at the studio. The first Saturday of every month the Short North holds a Gallery Hop where all the shops, resturants, bars, and studios stay open late for people to come enjoy. We decided to host a craft show of sorts during it this month. So me, along with 7 other insanely talented ladies are setting up shop! I'm debuting a few new headband collections and scarves. I'm really looking forward to it... we have such a strong support system here of handmade designers and the like.

And today begins the Clean Eating Challenge over at Get Fit with Nikki. I'm realllllly looking forward to this challenge. I need to get my eating back to a good spot. I've done a lot of reading up on clean eating information and recipes and I think this is beyond doable. It's not a diet at all, it's a way of life. I think this in conjunction with p90x and running... I'll finally get to see what I'm wanting to. But again, I've finally realized that it does take time. And effort. And focus... mainly focus.

Tropical Quinoa, Chicken Lettuce Wraps. Amaazzzingggg!

Whew... so... that's what I've been up to. What have I missed while I've been away??? I'll be honest, I have barely even read any blogs either. Ugh.

Thanks for sticking around! ;)

Happy Thursday, lovers!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dreams don't work...

Once upon a time I used to do this whole pinteresting Tuesday thing... and while I haven't done it in quite some time, I thought I'd share a few things that I'm absolutely loving lately... things that I'm dreaming about {what? It's not normal to dream about clothes? Hi, I'm Jackie... I do that. A lot.}

I love this outfit. I love the casualness that the graphic tee lends to the full skirt and heels.


How refreshing does this watermelon juice look? I'm definitely going to be trying this soon... I was going to this morning, but couldn't find the energy. Maybe tomorrow...

Display ideas for Nora & Jac have been on my brain lately... Next week I'll be setting up my first little booth at a new local artisians shop in Lancaster. {The Blank Slate} I was so, so thrilled when the owner, Katie, contacted me about bringing my goods in there. Mom and I have been brainstorming cute, inexpensive DIY's  for the display. I think it'll turn out pretty cute... p.s. if you're in Lancaster - be sure to stop in after the 3rd to do some shopping! ;)

I love this. It's simple... and so very true.

How delicious and healthy do these sound? I think they'll be on the menu soon...Mexican anything always, always sounds yummy.

What have you been loving lately??

Happy Thursday, sweet cheeks!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A big person kiss.


Ohhh, that memorable first kiss. Isn't it funny how those little moments, 16 years ago, we can almost remember like it was yesterday??

So let's set the scene, shall we...

I was dating this boy - let's call him Mason. Who had been chasing me for so long, I was always his little crush and he was always my little annoyance. But eventually he wore me down with sweet love notes, and sentimental things...

I don't remember how long we were together - but in the true spirit of being a 7th grader - everything was dramatic and we were gonna be in love forever. {But seriously, thank God for growing out of that phase.}

And in the spirit of being so young... our first "big person kiss" was planned. {Who does that?!} It was to be on the last day of school, after our end of the year party, in the small parking lot... {How do I remember this?} And seriously... I think the build up before it was the best part {looking back} I can remember having long, life altering talks with my best friend about how do you french kiss? Do you really use your tongue? My tongue in a dude's mouth... that just didn't seem right... but whatever y'all say. {She hadn't had her first kiss either... so I was diving in blindly.}

So as you can imagine, we were both so nervous that entire day... stealing glances, and holding hands when we shouldn't be {gasp!}... and then, it was time. *cue dramatic music*

We met where we had agreed to... when we agreed to... were standing how we thought we were supposed to... but, now what? Then all the sudden it was over... it was like going to the doctor and getting a shot. So much build up and nervousness then in mere seconds it's over - and you realize that it wasn't so bad. I remember when we pulled away from our 7th grade, awkward embrace he looked at me with a cheesy ass grin smothered all over his face, and said... "So that's a big person kiss."

Ohhhhh young love.

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Happy Wednesday, sweet cheeks!

p.s. Here's a sneak peek at the headbands soon to hit the shop... right now you can pre-order if you are interested! The Scarlet and Gray headbands are going FAST.

If you're interested leave me a note in the comments! ;)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Watermelon Oreo's... Surprisingly delicious.


I've struggled my whole adult life with the desire to be the skinny girl - I thought if I were skinny - I'd be happy. Those two things go hand in hand... right?


Being skinny doesn't mean you have it all. It just means you wear a smaller size. And I've learned that. While it was a hard journey... I feel like in the last year I have come full circle with it. I have realized that it doesn't matter whether I'm a size 2 or size 8 or size 16 - you can still be happy, you can still be loved, you can still be successful. You don't gain friends, knowledge, boyfriends, or successes simply by the size of jeans your sporting.

The past few months I have began running, for me. I am one week from finishing the Couch 2 5k program - which is such an amazing feeling. While I ran track in high school - and I have ran here and there throughout the years - I was never the let's go run 3 miles without stopping - kind of girl. But, I have become one. Because I wanted to. Not because a guy wanted me to. Or so I could be skinny for this event or that one. And it's such a nice feeling.

And almost two weeks ago I began the p90x workout program - after hearing so many people rave about it, seeing so many people have such success with it, and knowing how intense it was - I was skeptical - but intrigued. So I asked Dad {who has completed the program 9 times through} if I could borrow his and two weeks later, I'm still going strong. It's hard, challenging, but so, so gratifying when I can say that I've done it.

Unlike most, I didn't set out with a weight loss goal in mind. And personally, that's helped me. I'm not setting myself up to fail... if I eat three pieces of pizza or succumb to the watermelon Oreo's staring at me at the checkout in Target {which are surprisingly delicious}, I'm not going to punish myself - I'm just going to go a little harder tomorrow. I'm doing this because I want to. Because I can. Because it feels good... if I lose weight in the process... great. But it's not my focus. I just want to be fit and happy. And comfortable in my skin... whether it's a size 2 or size 8.

I'm going to rock it.

And I need to give a shout out to Nikki, who has helped keep me motivated and answered all the questions I have had in regards to anything fitness related. If you aren't following her blog and/or facebook... you're missing out. P.S. She's hosting a giveaway on her blog right now with some Nora & Jac loot!

P.S.S. Watch out for new headbands and bracelets to hit the shop soon! And be sure to "like" Nora & Jac on Facebook to see things before they go live!

Happy Monday, kittens!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Sunday Currently.

Reading: Blogs. Weeks worth of blogs. I haven't had time to sit down and catch up in awhile... that's what today is. Catch up day.

Writing: This. Which is astounding, honestly. I haven't read blogs... or written any in far too long. I also just need to write... period. In my journal. Or something... it's good for the soul.

Listening to: The humming of a fan. Which is pretty relaxing. I wish it were the sound of waves crashing into the shore.... a few weeks... a few weeks...

Thinking: About the things I need to do this week, fabric I want to get, that I'm starving and can't wait for dinner.

Smelling: The coconut candle that's burning in the living room. Ahhhh.... beach smells.

Wishing: That there were another day in the weekend... it's been such a plan-less, relaxing two days... which were so needed. I also wish I had slept in a bit longer both days... and... found a pool to lay out at. Ohhhh well!

Hoping: That the next 3 weeks goes quickly so I can get my toes in the sand ASAP. That all the upcoming plans I have for Nora & Jac go well. That the fabric I ordered arrives on my doorstep tomorrow.

Wearing: A tank, workout leggings, and socks. Just finished another day of p90x. Yay me!

Loving:  Honestly, p90x. And getting in shape... I can feel a difference and it feels nice. I think I enjoy it so much more this time because I'm working out for me and no one else. I also don't really have this dream body that I'm trying to achieve either. I just want to tone up and feel better in my skin. And I have learned that that makes such a huge difference in working out and getting healthy.

Wanting: Pizza.

Needing: Dinner... and a shower. And a couple more hours in the day.

Feeling: Happy that I got to see the family this weekend... we had such a nice dinner last night for Dad's birthday. Drinks, delicious food, family, quality time with my two favorite baby girls... couldn't ask for more really.

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Happy Sunday... and Monday to y'all! Back to sewing I go...